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Machine Listing - Mixers

IEN 117542
Type High Speed
Equipment Class Mixer / Cooler
Model W200
Year 1990
Manufacturer Littleford
Metalurgy Stainless Steel

  ONE (1) Used Model W200/K300 Littleford Mixer-Cooler Combination, with Model W200 Littleford High Speed Mixer, stainless steel construction, jacketed bowl, pneumatically operated plug valve, hinged cover, with baffle thermowell on base with 50/25 H.P. 460 volt motor, Model K300 Littleford Cooler, stainless steel construction, jacketed for 45 PSI, 4.75" x 6.625" center bottom outlet with flush type valve, 5 H.P. 460 volt motor, Serial No. 41649-4198. System is complete with feed hoppers, super structure and controls, New 1990.