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Base Chemicals and Additive Supplier - When it comes to buying silicone in bulk, there are three things that matter. Quality. Reliability. And price. At Xiameter, you can get them all. - Our Chemicals operations represent the traditional core business of BASF in the NAFTA region. Our product range includes basic, intermediate, and performance chemicals, as well as specialty products - Industrial Chemicals Corporation is a full-line chemical distributor. Our product listing includes acetates, acids, alcohols, alkalies, amines, chelating agents, glycols and glycol ethers, inorganics, ketones, phosphates, silicates, solvents, surfactants, and proprietary chemical blends. - Expo has been a reliable source for specialty chemicals for 30 years. Our numerous worldwide contacts enable us to offer very competitive pricing, high quality service and flexibility due to our size and efficient operation. - WACO CHEMICAL & SUPPLY CO. - Supplies industrial chemicals, textile chemicals, carpet chemicals and janatorial chemicals - Scholle Chemical Supply produces ink and lacquer bases as well as many protective and specialty coatings for medical, printing and other applications in an Atlanta-area manufacturing operation. - BK Giulini GmbH – Phosphates are used as an aid in the manufacture of many chemicals. We supply the right product in the right quality out of a wide range of sodium, calcium and potassium phosphates - Scholle has been a major supplier of electrolyte-grade sulfuric acid under the Qual brand for over half a century. Dilute sulfuric acid in bag-in-box packaging is far easier to handle than drums or carboys