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Chemical Consultants and Contract Engineer - SimSci-Esscor solutions provide the comprehensive rigor necessary to control plant operations to produce the product purities needed in petrochemical andchemicals manufacturing. - High Force Research offers a confidential, high quality, chemical synthesis and R&D service to the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fine chemical industries, which are increasingly seeking to out source non-core activities. - Acid-Amine Technologies was formed in 1984 by Dr. Ian Williams and later acquired the assets of the Leonard Process Company. Our chemical technology base is largely in Amines, Amides, Acids, and other isolated process technologies. - CICA is a UK-based network of independent consultants specializing in the application of chemistry in industry. Each CICA member has a long experience at senior management, or research level. - TranTech Consultants, Inc. designed ChemPlan specifically to reduce information overload, enabling them to spend more time with their strategic decision making. Consequently, they can make more competent and cost effective decisions - Chemical Waste Management Inc is the largest provider of comprehensive hazardous waste management services, engineering, construction, industrial and related services in the United States - Shell Global Solutions provides business and operational consultancy, technical services, and research and development expertise to the energy industry world-wide. Our aim is to help our customers raise their business performance. - Incorporated in 1985, Coherent Technologies, Inc. ( CTI), is an engineering consulting firm specializing in the design and configuration of control and enterprise-wide information systems for industrial facilities.